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RENTAL: Juniper Uinta Data Collection Kit

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Juniper Uinta Data Collection-Rental

Not sure if you are ready to buy or just need more staff in the field, check out our rentals. Our GPS data collection devices have what you need.

We are expanding the rental fleet with the new Juniper Uinta Software. This kist can be used as is with the CT8X2 Android tablet and desktop miniPC, or it can be paired with one of our several Juniper Geode GNSS receivers, purchased or rented.

Create your own forms quickly and easily. Cpature points, polyline and polygon features with multiple attriute fields for use in your GIS, CAD or tabular solution.

Consulting Services

Unsure of how to use or deploy, we can help with this too. We offer consulting services and support at an hourly rate. We can help take your specifications and turn it into an operational Uinta form for use with our rental or purchased Uinta application.

Buy or Rent Uinta?

This can be a daunting decision. Uinta costs $500/ yr for a single user license (1-desktop license and 1-field user license). Often this can be more affordable with some basic introduction from our friends at Juniper for persons that are familiar with data collection applications and are simply transitioning to a new app like Uinta.

Others may prefer more hand holding, form design, and support from a consultant style relationship.

We have found most clients get the best reuslts form a hybrid of purchasing a license or several, getting some one on one time with Juniper for the basics and then working with us at Loggerhead to help align the workflow and process for both CAD and GIS users alike. 20+ years in AutoCAD and Microstation have given us a unique understanding of how to get data into CAD.


  • (1) CT8X2 w/Uinta pre-installed
  • (1) 0.5m. USB C Cable
  • (1) USB AC adapter
  • (1) miniPC with Uinta installed
  • (1) AC adapter for miniPC
  • (1) Small rugged transport case


Contact us if you have questions about renting data collection devices or GPS units that offer the technological capabilities you need.

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