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How Has the U.S. Government Changed GPS Navigation Over the Years?

Today, GPS units are very common, but there was a time when they were only used by the government. GPS has a longer history than most people believe. Here is how the U.S. government has changed GPS na…

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What Industries Can Benefit From Renting GPS Survey Equipment?

You may be surprised by the wide range of industries that can benefit from renting GPS survey equipment instead of purchasing it. Renting provides flexibility, saves money, and gives access to advance…

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How Do Data Collection Devices Help Businesses With Their Fleet Vehicles?

Have you ever wondered exactly what types of data your data collection device picks up? These handy gadgets can collect all sorts of insightful information to help optimize your operations. Here's an…

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The History of GPS and How Modern Travelers Use It

GPS has become a common device used by people to navigate from one place to another. Today, it's regarded as one of the most helpful, in fact essential, types of technology to have. It's included in o…

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Everything You Should Know About GPS Data Collection Devices

A GPS data collection device is an essential tool for various industries. They're used for providing precise location tracking with powerful data management capabilities. These devices have moved beyo…

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