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RENTAL: Juniper Geode GNS1 Receiver

MSRP: $125.00
Was: $125.00
Now: $100.00
(You save $25.00 )
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Call for ETA and paperwork. Shipping with USPS Priority includes return shipping label for same USPS Flat Rate box.

Juniper Geode GNS1 Receiver-Rentals

We just sent the GNS1 rental fleet in for a check up and they are back. All are L1 GNSS and Android and Windows compatible and ALL have the 10Hz. activation. Not iOS compatible.
LAST ONE for sale: $950.00 Contact us for details and a quote!

Sub-meter (<60cm.) using SBAS

Sub-foot (<30cm.) using NTRIP

Sub-decimeter (<10cm. sometimes) using NTRIP

We have a Geode for your project and specifications.

Mounting Options:

Because the Juniper Geode is simply a receiver in a box, you will need a method to carry it into the field. We do not rent backpacks (~$135), GPS poles (~$255), monopods (~$28), shoulder mounts (~$68)or All-In-One brackets for the Mesa3 (~$145), but we do offer them for sale. Ask us at time of rental.

Juniper Uinta Data Collection Ready

We can offer the Uinta data collection software for Android pre-loaded on our fleet of CT8X2 tablets. We also include a miniPC pre-loaded with the dektop version so no need to get permission from IT to install and use. Just plug in monitor, keyboard and mouse. Internet access not needed to create forms, deploy to tablet, donwload and then export. Create simple or more complex forms, colelct point, polyline and polygon features then export to SHP, KML or XLS formats.



  • (1) Juniper Geode GNS1 w/ 9-pin serial
  • (1) 0.5m. USB micro Cable
  • (1) USB AC adapter

Optional: 1/4”-20 to 5/8” Pole Adapter upon request

USPS Shipping Includes a return shipping label if usig the exact same Flat Rate USPS Prioirty Box.

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