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Who We Are

Our History

I always seem to struggle to describe who we are and what we do and provide. Let me start by saying this ties in with our name as well. Loggerhead Navigation came from the inspiration of the Loggerhead Turtle. From the moment these little seafarers hatch, they know how to navigate the planet via the ocean without the ability of flight or inherent GNSS abilities. I won't give up the goods on how they do it, I will let you seek that out on the internet during a break. It's a great way to learn something new.

We struck out on our own to represent alternative and lesser known brands and teach people that you can create a solution from these products that work as well as or even better than the name brands and at a savings.

So in a similar way we are all trying to navigate this vast pool of technology and find the product(s) and applications to meet our needs for a solution in the CAD design and Geospatial arena. The traditional method was you go to a specific dealer that represents a specific manufacturer and they convince you to buy their brand and just assume that it will serve as a "Silver Bullet" to all your needs. As a former sales Rep. for a Trimble, SXBlue and EOS Positioning, I subscribed to this method of sales and represented their very effective turn-key solutions. I can concede that you could make a round peg fit a square hole, but is that really what you need or want?

The Sony and Sanyo Analogy

I like to tell people (and date myself) about being young and wanting a Sony Walkman like all my friends. My parents would not buy one so I worked HARD and saved HARD to finally afford to get one. Went to the store ready to buy, was trying out a few with a couple of my favorite cassettes. At the end of the line were a few other brands, one was a Sanyo. It was a little bit bigger, but had better controls and better fitting headphones. Tossed in my Blizzard of Oz cassette and cranked it up. It BLEW me away! Sounded great. I bought it and saved myself some money too. School starts and we go on some field trips, stuck in the bus for hours I realized many of my friends were burning through their AA batteries faster than me. Another bonus!

The take away was that you don't have to buy the name brand to get similar or even better performance, and is why we LOVE representing these other brands.

Lately we find ourselves embracing open source and lesser known software and apps. more and more, products like QGIS, Input, Field, Uinta, MapIT Spatial, Avenza Maps, Fulcrum, GIS Cloud to name a few. WE find ourselves exploring Linux based storage solutions and new Lidar scanning solutions.

The benefit of working with us for GPS unit rentals or data collection technology is that we do most of the hard work, so you don't have to, evaluating these other devices and make sure they work as field workers need. We got into this business having spent the better part of 3 decades in CAD and GIS production for Landscape, Planning and Civil disciplines. So we KNOW about field work.

When you need to rent GPS devices from a quality provider, give GPS Rental a call today! Our exceptional team is happy to speak with you about your GPS and data collection needs.