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Handheld is a major player in the global market for rugged computers. It has grown by capitalizing on the collective strengths of the partners, a dedicated workforce and a personalized approach to doing business. The business model has been refined to its current successful approach: Handheld designs and specifies all products, and then we outsource the manufacturing overseas; our in-house product management team monitors the manufacturing process to make sure products meet requirements and standards. Then our Handheld sales team and the reseller network go to work distributing them to the world. As of 2021, the network of resellers had grown to more than 1,000 resellers in 102 countries, and Handheld had relocated to a larger, custom-built headquarters in Lidköping.

One of the most important aspects is keeping up with the rapid pace of technology development. The entire team must stay on top of every technological advancement that could impact mobile computing – from hardware to software to communication networks. In our view the way to stand out against much larger competitors is to “overperform.” By our thinking, if Handheld and a giant brand name offer the same product at the same price, the giant is likely to get the business. Handheld must be better, smarter, faster and more customer-centric to hold an advantage in buyers’ minds.

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    DEMO Nautiz X5 w/ WEHH, dock and 1D scanner

    Juniper Systems

    DEMO: Handheld Nautiz X5 w/ WEHH OS, 1D scanner

    Was: $1,595.00
    Now: $775.00

    Includes: DEMO Handheld Nautiz X5 w/ 1D barcode scanner 806 MHz, WM 6.1, WiFi, BT, GPS, 3MP Camera 256MB RAM, 512MB Storag, 3.5″ VGA Screen 4400 mAh Rechargeable Battery AC Wall Charger and Dock MicrosSD and SIM slots Stylus, Hand Strap &...

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