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5 Popular Uses for GPS Survey Equipment

5 Popular Uses for GPS Survey Equipment

25th Sep 2023

GPS survey equipment can be used by skilled professionals for a number of different applications. According to in May of 2000, the U.S. government ended its use of Selective Availability in order to make GPS more responsive to civil and commercial users worldwide. Today, you can rent GPS survey equipment for some of the following uses.

1. Mapping

One widely used application for mapping purposes. Mapping and modeling the earth is greatly assisted through the use of this technology. Mapping mountains, rivers, streets, buildings, even utility lines, and other features is crucial to keeping accurate documents and records for governments and organizations. When measured with a GPS device, features can be displayed in geographic information systems where the data is stored, manipulated, and displayed for many different purposes.

2. Scientific Research

Another widely used application is scientific research. Scientific research often needs very precise measurements of physical features. GPS survey equipment can assist with this. Without precise data such as this, scientific research would not be reliable.

3. Commercial Applications

GPS survey equipment also serves many commercial uses as well. Organizations greatly benefit from the ability to properly measure and document assets. Having this information easily gathered and documented makes operations more efficient and productive when using GPS positioning.

4. Coastal Surveys

Because GPS surveying isn’t limited by line of sight visibility issues, it works very well for coastal surveys. Stations can be deployed greater distances away from one another. As long as there is a good view of the sky, you have survey options. This is a huge improvement from survey equipment of the past which was limited to remote or high-reaching hilltops.

Surveying coastal areas has always been difficult because there are not enough land-based reference points. Survey vessels today can combine GPS technology with sonar technology to create nautical charts that are far more accurate and useful to mariners. This helps with documenting underwater hazards so that vessels can travel far more safely now.

5. Land Surveys

Land surveys also benefit from GPS systems and will often rent GPS survey equipment to complete projects. The device can be mounted on vehicles or carried in backpacks allowing surveyors to collect information rapidly and accurately.

If you need to rent GPS survey equipment, please contact us today. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you and help you find the right product for your project.